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Serving the Big Island since 1994, with limited service on Oahu and Kauai


Please read before submitting Request

Covid cancellation guidelines:

Due to the large number of guests cancelling their requests because they have contracted Covid and are not traveling to Hawaii, we have had to impose the following guidelines. All requests that have been confirmed with a nanny must submit a Physicians note or official PCR test stating the person who has tested positive on the reservation. We will then cancel with no charge for requests up to 3 days. Requests of 4 days or longer will incur the $200 cancellation fee as the nanny has set aside a long period of time to accommodate the guest and much staff time has been dedicated to set up a longer request. Thank you for your understanding.

Please note, due to the rising cost of fuel prices, we will be changing our travel fee to $20 temporarily. We are doing this to offset the cost for the nannies, as they must drive anywhere from 30 minutes to one hour each way. Thank you for your understanding.

If requesting service, please go to the Submit Request tab and fill out the online request form. The Contact Us tab is not for submitting a request but for any other questions or concerns. Please include your telephone number where you can be reached when contacting us.

Please be advised that we would like to meet each client's request. Due to the high volume of requests and the limited pool of vaccinated nannies, we will not be offering the 8 hour guarantee option until further notice.

By submitting a request, we cannot guarantee the same nanny for all times requested due to the labor shortage and requests for only a vaccinated nanny. Due to the fact that our numbers are so low and there is no available free testing any longer and the cost of a test is over $175.00 taking a PCR test is very cost prohibitive for the nannies. Some nannies have the Covid antibodies due to having had Covid recently. We cannot mandate nannies to be vaccinated as it is their personal choice, therefore we will try our best but might not be able to accommodate every request. We also cannot guarantee that even vaccinated nannies will not pass on the new highly transmissible Omicron strain. Please also be aware that nannies are just as apprehensive of contracting Covid from the Guests or the children as you are from them. We are all in this together.

** Please also be advised that during this busy time we are very strict with our cancellation policies. **

As we all work together, we hope this will be over soon. We look forward to being of service to you in the future!

Caring for Children with Love and Aloha

We refer and select upon your individual needs, available nannies and babysitters to come to your location to care for infants, toddlers and children seven days a week 24 hours a day. Geriatric care also available. In addition to childcare, housekeeping, shopping and pet care are also available upon request.

Group Childcare for Events

Hawaiian Based Themes and Activities

All Ages Personalized to your specific needs.

Conventions, Weddings, Family Reunions, Private Parties.

Please Call for Information.

We also offer private children's party planning. Please call for more details.

All nannies and babysitters have met the following qualifications:

  • Infant & Child First Aid & CPR
  • Criminal clearance
  • Medical and TB clearance
  • Drug tested
  • Previous childcare experience
  • Written references
  • Have attended required training
  • They will have MKC picture identification and be committed to giving you service with Aloha!