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Holiday Policies and Rates

***Please Review Holiday Cancellation Policies and Rates***

Festive Bookings (12/10-1/5):  Confirmation of requested booking will be emailed within 48 hours of receipt of booking the request. Acknowledgment through email no less than 72 hours will be required.  If we do not receive acknowledgment your booking will be cancelled.  MKC will require a credit card at time of booking.  Scheduled hours booked between 12/10 – 1/5 will be charged at the confirmed rate.  Hours cannot be shortened after 12/10.
Double Rate Holidays: Christmas Eve & Christmas Day (Dec. 24th 6a thru Dec. 26th 6a), and New Year’s Eve & New Year’s Day (Dec. 31st 6a - Jan. 2nd 6a).
Additional Fees:
  Nanny will charge $5 per hour for each additional child as well as $5 additional per hour after an 8-hour period and between the hours of 12a and 8a.  The additional fees double on Holidays.  Travel fee does not double on Holidays.  Minimum hours per shift is 4 hours (a 4-hour shift cannot be split) and breaks in between shifts of 1 hour or more will incur an additional travel fee. Late Fee ($25.00) is incurred if a booking is requested with less than a 6-hour notice of requested start time.  If a booking is received after 5p and the requested start time is before 1p on the following day a late fee applies.  Late fee doubles on Holidays.
Holiday Cancellation 12/24,12/25,12/31 & 1/1 :  If a scheduled booking for the Christmas/New Year’s Holiday is cancelled after December 10th, the hours booked will be charged at the Holiday Double Rate.  Cancellations for dates other than Holidays need to be made with a 24-hour notice or the full hours booked at the confirmed rate will be charged.  If cancellations exceed 2 cancellations in a 4 day or longer booking the full hours booked will be charged. 
8+ Hours Booking:  Will allow guest to work directly with nanny on start and end times and nanny will not be assigned to another family for any other times during the requested booking.   Payment of no less than 8 hours will be guaranteed and cannot be cancelled or hours shortened less than 5 days of start date or 12/10 which ever applies first.
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