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Serving the Big Island since 1994, with limited service on Oahu and Kauai
Frequently Asked Questions

What are the ages of your nannies?

We have nannies from ages 18 - 70. Generally, we assign older or nannies who have had children for infants, although we do have some younger sitters who have had a lot of infant experience and feel very comfortable caring for them. You may request the age you feel most comfortable with for your children and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

I have requested numerous nights/days on my vacation. Is it possible to have the same nanny for all the times I have requested?

This used to be our policy before Covid but presently due to the demand of vaccinated nannies and a labor shortage we cannot guarantee having the same and or vaccinated nanny. We of course will try our very best to accommodate your requirements but due to the current conditions that may not be possible.

Please note: Confirmation of specific nanny is subject to change due to scheduling conflicts, illness or nanny's unavailability beyond the control of MKC.

I know I will be using a nanny for at least 8 hours every day while I am visiting, but am not sure of the times since we don't have a schedule. What are my options?

If you will be using a nanny for at least 8 hours a day while you are visiting, we have an '8-hour guarantee'. This is an agreement between you and the nanny that allows for flexibility in your scheduling, helpful for spontaneous families who plan their vacations from day-to-day. Because the nanny is guaranteed to be paid for at least 8 hours a day, we will not schedule them for any other sits for the dates that you have guaranteed. If you do not use her services for the entire 8 hours, she will still need to be paid for those 8 hours. If you use her for longer than 8 hours, she should be compensated for whatever number of hours you use her for. Please note: The price goes up an additional $5 per hour after an 8-hour period.

If I request a nanny for 8 hours or longer, why I am required to sign the 8-hour guarantee?

In order to match the needs of our guests with the availability of our full-time nannies, those that request longer hours and multiple days will be required to guarantee their requests.

What will the nanny do with my child/children for the hours that they are together?

The nannies will bring activities - games, puzzles, crafts etc. - to play with in the room. They can take the children on walks or for stroller rides, anywhere on hotel property. Depending on the age of your child/children, the nannies are allowed to take the children to the pool but not into the open ocean. Nannies may not take children into their own vehicles and will not provide transportation. Some resorts offer their own children's camp. The nannies can also "chaperone" your children at these camps. Please feel free to give your nanny specific instructions regarding what you feel comfortable with.

Why can't the nannies take children into the ocean?

The ocean is unpredictable with currents, waves, wildlife, coral and rocks. These can be very dangerous for children, especially those who are not used to swimming in the open ocean all the time. Because this is a huge liability our insurance policy does not cover it.

What are my payment options?

The nannies are required to be paid directly in cash, check or App payment at the end of EACH assignment. If it is an extended assignment then payment arrangements can be made with the individual nanny as to when payment is expected. At some resorts (Mauna Lani Bay Hotel, Fairmont Orchid, Mauna Kea Beach Hotel) you may charge the service to your room. We do not allow payment by credit cards. Traveler’s checks are acceptable.

Am I required to provide meals for my nanny?

You are not required to provide meals for your nanny unless you choose to.

Can my nanny watch my friend's child/children so they can play together? What are the additional charges?

Yes, one nanny can watch children from different families. The additional charge is $5 more per hour for each child. Under state guidelines, nannies are not allowed to be responsible for more than 2 children under the age of 18 months, or more than 6 children at one time.

Do you have a time minimum? What if we stay out longer than the times we have scheduled? What if we don't stay out as long as the scheduled time?

Yes, we have a four hour minimum. If you anticipate that you might be out later than what you had originally scheduled, please let the nanny know before you leave, if possible, because during the busy seasons, the nannies might be scheduled for sits back to back. If you are unexpectedly running late, please call the nanny and let them know, in case they have a prior commitment or sit. As long as you meet the 4-hour minimum, the nannies will charge to the closest 15 minute increment after you return.

Is it customary to give the nanny a gratuity?

Nannies are in the service industry, and gratuity is not included. Tips vary widely so a tip based on the quality of service you felt you received is usually a good way to decide.

How do you select your nannies and what if we would like a different nanny after we meet the nanny that has been assigned to us?

After meeting your nanny, if you are unsatisfied with who we have chosen for you, we will try to replace her with another nanny for the rest of your scheduled times. However, during the busy seasons, we cannot guarantee that we will have another nanny that will have a schedule open enough to accommodate all of the times. If necessary, we may need to split up the shifts between 2 nannies.

Do you offer daily/weekly/monthly rates? Is there a discount if I use a nanny for more than one day?

No, we are very sorry but we only have an hourly rate and do not offer any discounted rates.

Why is it advised that my nanny not take my children under age 5 to my hotel's children's program?

Due to State licensing guidelines, the camp activities are geared for children ages 5 and up. Our nannies can take your underage child, but you will need to sign the additional waiver form as we do not take responsibility since it is not an age appropriate setting. Please be advised that nannies will do age appropriate activities with children outside of the hotels program.